| Redesigning your bathroom…?

4 simple rules for redesigning your bathroom

| 4 simple rules for redesigning your bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms, each and every household has its own taste and style. And while there are overarching trends, some homes will eternally favour that rustic coastal look, a stark minimalist design or a luxurious ornate style. But regardless of what your personal tastes are, if you’re planning on renovating your home’s main bathroom there are a few simple design principals that will make sure you pull off an amazing bathroom redesign!

  1. Make best use of the space you have

A professional bathroom fitter or interior designer will be able to identify the optimum layout for your bathroom. There are a number of space saving bathroom fittings which can help squeeze in a little more floor space. Aside from the obvious Bathroom/Shower combination suite you may want to consider products such as such as short-projection toilets and basins.

  1. You can’t have too much storage

Having plenty of storage in a bathroom is one of the easiest ways to make it a stylish and functional space. From under basin drawers to keep a handy stock of cleaning supplies. To cupboards for towels, flannels and bathrobes. Giving everything a storage space will make it much easier to keep the whole room tidy and by reducing visual clutter you create a more calming ambiance, something we all look for in bathrooms.

  1. Add some furniture, if you can!

Adding one or two pieces of furniture to the room is a great idea to make the room even more welcoming. Armchairs, chaise lounges, corner tables and sheep skin rugs are perennial favourites for bathrooms, and they fit in with one of the hottest current bathroom concepts the ‘liveable space’ bathroom. Not only do these items add to the décor of the room, but at the very least they give you a place to relax and read while you wait for the bath to run.

  1. Choose materials that will stay stylish

Trend’s will likely have an influence on how most of us design our home, however, with the bathroom there are a few timeless classics that never go out of style. After all, no one wants a bathroom that 5 years down the line is going to look dated and unstylish.

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